What we believe?

Our vision here at the Edge Church LA is building strong families through teaching the word and changing communities through the love of Christ. Please take a moment to visit our other pages where you will find out more information on how to get involved and some great video of our services and activities. We encourage you to submit your prayer requests or any other thoughts by using our contact page.

EdgeChurchLA began in 2005 as a small group and is continually growing. We do not take lightly the opportunity to be alive and serve God in these last days. Knowing this we stretch forward our hands by God’s spirit to help those that are tucked away: to those that seek a second chance at life; to those whose lives continually hang in the balance from minute to minute. We believe that God had ordained a purpose for each soul individually.

Our Goal

Is to spark that purpose and ignite a life that is changed completely all because of the love of God and the love of His Son.

Our Mission

Is to establish families in their biblical roles. Teaching men the role of a man, teaching women their role as a woman, and teaching the children their role as a child. We have been overwhelmed at the response of families coming out to join this unified effort in helping to restore God’s intended purpose of the family.